Posting Bail (Partner Workout)

Posting Bail (Partner Workout)



This workout is called posting bail because while one partner is running the other is doing an exercise, so you need to run fast in order to bail
out your friend! One partner performs the first exercise listed below while the other partner runs 200m. When the runner returns, switch places. Once each
partner has done each exercise, move on to the next exercise. To make this workout really tough, try cycling through it TWICE.

While one partner runs, the other does...
Kettle bell lunges
Kettlebell swings
kettlebell front squats

A kettlebell lunge is where you hold the kettlebell with one arm and the weight balanced on the front of your shoulder. Thread your hand into the kettlebell
handle from the inside, so the kettlebell handle rests in your palm, with your palm facing up. Your upper arm should act like a shelf on which the KB can sit.
From here, lunge forward in a very controlled motion until your back knee grazes the ground. Try not to let your front knee move out over your toes. 

A kettlebell front squat is where you hold the kettlebell in front of your chest with two hands. and then perform a squat, while holding the KB stationary
against your chest. Many find it helpful to turn the Kettlebell upside-down for a better grip against the chest.    


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