KB Swinging Paradise

KB Swinging Paradise


Medium weight kettlebell (whatever is medium weight for you)

Do 20 kettlebell swings between each of the following exercises. Also start and finish
with 20 kettlebell swings. 6 sets in total. 

10 box jumps
20 skier lunges (each leg)
30 push-ups
20 skier lunges (each leg)
10 box jumps

This workout is based around kettlebell swings then doing something unweighted between your
kettlebell sets. You can do the box jumps on the step located on the side of the kiosk, or pick another
step or stair located around the park. To complete a box-jump leap off two feet, and land lightly on two
feet on the top of the step. Stand all the way up and straighten your hips at the top. Then step back down. 
Skier lunges are where you explode from side-to-side off one leg at a time. Try to stay balanced so that your
weight is only on one leg at a time.  
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