Double Trouble

Double Trouble

First circuit   Kettlebell
Second circuit  Dumbbells

3 rounds of:
15 Kettle Bell Swings
15 push-ups
15 kick outs
Sprint 30 yards


3 rounds of:
20 Lunges while holding two Dumbbells overhead. Every 5 steps stop lunging and do 5 shoulder press
20 Skier Lunges (side-to-side)
20 Russian Twists holding a dumbbell
Sprint 30 yards

This workout is called double trouble because it's two challenging circuits. This is a two-part 
workout comprised of two different circuits. Each circuit has three exercises followed by a sprint.
Go hard on the sprints! That is not a rest, it should be the hardest part of the whole workout. 

During the first circuit- Make sure to keep your back straight, proud chest, and drive with your
hips on the KB swings. Push-ups are self explanatory. Kick-outs are when you start in a high plank
position and in one motion bring both of your feet up to your hands such that your heels are planted
on the ground next to your hands. Then you jump backwards and extend you legs back into the high plank
position...that's one rep

During the second circuit- You are lunging while holding two dumbbells over your head. This requires
balance and flexibility. Every 5 steps stop lunging and do 5 shoulder presses, bringing both dumbbells
down to your shoulders and raising them back up. If holding it over your head/pressing them is too
hard, just hold the dumbbells by your side and lunge.

A skier lunge is where you leap side to side from one leg to the other holding no weight. Explode
sideways each time.   



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