Get that dirt off your shoulders

Get that dirt off your shoulders


light dumbbells (whatever is light for you)
battling rope
jump rope

start the workout with a 100 meter run, then continue to run that same 100m run etween each
of the exercises listed below. You will end up doing 8x100m runs in total.

20 dumbbell presses (standing)
20 shoulder front raises
20 lateral raises
20 bent over shoulder flies
50 battling rope swings (each arm)
50 battling rope swings (each arm)
500 jump-rope skips

This workout will burn your shoulders out, then see how much you can concentrate while you’re
tired to skip rope. Use a dumbbell weight that is light enough so you can keep good form, and
push it on the runs. These are 100m sprints! not an active recovery- you should be breathing
heavy. You will have to replace and check out new equipment twice during the workout so use that
time as your rest.

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