ducking step-ups

ducking step-ups


5 Rounds of
20 step-ups holding dumbbells (10 on each leg)
10 Renegade rows (row, row, pushup= 1 rep)
10 duck walks
10 dips with a dumbbell on your lap

To do the step-ups you can use the seat attached to the kiosk. Hold a dumb-bell in each arm, and step-up onto the seat with one leg, driving the
opposite leg up to your chest at the top, then back down to the ground. Alternate legs so you do 10 reps with each leg.

A renegade row is where you start in a high-plank position with your arms gripping both weights on the ground, pull the weights one at a time up towards
the middle of your torso while keeping a tight core and balancing on the balls of your feet and the arm that is anchoring you to the ground. Once you have
done a row with each arm, then do a push up. That's one rep! Try to minimize your hip movement as your weight shifts during this exercise. 

duck walks are when you start in a low squat position and remain in that position as you walk forward. You should feel this in your quads and glutes. 

You can do the dips on the seat on the kiosk as well, with your arms behind you on the seat and your legs extended out in front of you.
To make them harder, place one (or both) of the dumbbells on your lap to increase the weight.   
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