Winners of the 2017 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Reebok Accelerator

We started OpenGym because we were sick of the same old gym routine:sitting on the same workout machines, under the same florescent lights, with the same guys flexing in the mirror to same playlist.
We decided to take our workout outside, like we did when we were kids.That small change brought on surprising and awesome benefits and OpenGym is a platform where we can share these benefits together.

We live in Boston and working out in the parks and open spaces allowed us to experience the city like we never had before. We explored places we didn’t know existed and made friends with others in our community. We also began to appreciate the variability that changing seasons brought to our workouts. Feeling the hot sun on your back in the summer and the cold air in your lungs during the winter is invigorating and addicting. Shockingly, we haven’t melted in the rain!

Spending time outdoors and in nature helps reduce stress and makes you feel more connected to the places you live. We have a passion for designing creative and we found that by introducing basic functional fitness equipment to our routines we could execute a workout to meet any fitness goal. We needed a legitimate way to store our equipment in the park because a kettlebell in a backpack is just awkward, and thus was born the idea for OpenGym.

We live in a world where obesity is on the rise. People are living increasingly sedentary lifestyles, indoors, and behind screens. There is nothing better than a little fresh air to remind you that you are a human being, wake you up, and make you feel more present. We want to share the same feeling of aliveness and accomplishment that comes with outdoor fitness and a healthy lifestyle. We are creating a community that embraces getting outside and moving our bodies. We encourage positive vibes, having fun, and pushing yourself and others to be the best they can be.

Welcome to OpenGym!

Cody Otto and Jake Otto


Winners of the 2017 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Reebok Accelerator